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Finding a qualified professional home inspector within the time constraints of purchase agreement deadlines can be difficult, but Better View Home Inspection is here to help. We provide customers with peace of mind and fast, efficient service.

Better View Home Inspection delivers professional and quality home inspection services for potential homebuyers on the Eastside and the Greater Seattle areas. Our 400+ point home inspection helps provide you with the knowledge you need during the home buying process.

You can count on us to….

  • understand the real estate transaction
  • perform inspections when you need them
  • provide reports that home buyers can easily understand
  • be available after the inspection to answer questions

Why is it important to have a qualified home inspector?

A thorough home inspection prior to buying any house is the best prevention against being stuck with major repairs after the purchase. A good home inspector is someone who will look closely at every aspect of the house, from its plumbing and electrical systems to things as simple as the correct operation for kitchen appliances, in order to be sure everything is working properly. Any problems that the home inspector finds can then be dealt with before the purchase of the home. Saving the home buyer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars later on.


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